What We Do

What we doAgWell Solar® is a consumer direct business unit for Nuance Energy.

We are a California licensed (EPC+) engineering, procurement, construction and “value added” services, clean energy contractor.  We design, engineer, install and service turnkey solar systems and Ag pump energy efficiency solutions that reduce the high cost of electricity consumed on the farm, at the agriculture pump, irrigation systems and other rural commercial facilities.

The majority of our customers are in the agriculture industry or own a rural business.  Our core competency is installing and servicing proprietary engineered solar systems.  AgWell Solar® installs the Osprey PowerPlatform® - a proprietary, ground based solar system, manufactured in our Fresno, California factory, before being shipped to your job site, ready for connection to the electrical grid.  Our plug and play solar arrays are designed to be affordable, portable (mobile), modular and self-ballasted requiring minimal earth penetration, which equates to 90% less construction cost and time to install.  This innovative factory built solar solution saves our Ag customers a ton of money and minimal disruption to farm operations.  The Osprey PowerPlatoform® units are ideally suited to replace expensive energy consumed at agriculture pump and irrigation systems.  Our design and construction teams also install roof top solar systems on barns, warehouses, commercial buildings and other agriculture operations.

We work best with Ag customers and their financial planners to consider solar energy for long term agriculture and business planning.  Installing an AgWell Solar® energy system will significantly reduce your dependence on higher priced electricity you pay currently from your utility company and from those rising electric rates you’ll pay in the future.  Our clients’ realize tremendous economical savings and peace of mind by harvesting the sun’s energy to improve farm operating cash flow.

AgWell Solar®  energy systems range in size from 1.2kW (1,200watts) to 2MWs (2,000,000watts).

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AgWell Solar® Portfolio of Services

  • Design, Engineering and Construction Services
  • Project Financing, Solar Equipment Leasing and USDA Low Interest Loans
  • Solar for Agriculture Pump and Irrigation System Installations
  • Ag Pump Efficiency Consulting
  • Utility Rate Tariff Management
  • Agriculture and Rural Commercial Solar Systems
  • Grid Tied, Remote and Off-Grid Solar Systems
  • Roof Top Solar Systems
  • Osprey PowerPlatform®  – Affordable, Modular, Portable (Mobile), Ballasted, Solar Ground-based Solar Systems
  • C-10 Licensed California State Contractor
  • $1M Bond and General Liability Insurance coverage
  • 25 Year Warranty