Alternative Loan and Lease Solutions

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Nuance Energy originates agriculture and commercial solar financing from direct lenders.

Our valued relationships with institutional, tax equity and more traditional lending partners allow us the flexibility to source funding for our customers.

We offer a Capital Equipment Lease with a $1 buy out option and you can even re-amortize the lease one time in the first 18 months.  So when you get your tax refund next year, pay down your lease and re-amortize for additional savings.

We offer debt financing (loan) and various lease financing options. We represent general lessors’ not rigid lessors, so we can look at a variety of situations including agriculture equipment and solar technology as one combined application.  Solar system equipment installations qualify under our lease underwriting guidelines.

Please call us to discuss your particular needs and we can see how best to resolve your financial objectives.

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Typical Capital Lease Terms and Conditions 

  • Pre-qualification required
  • Typical terms range from 3 – 7 years
  • Terms are a result of credit and transaction dollar value
  • Finance amounts up to $100k (credit application only)
  • 2 Years company P&L on larger leases up to $10M
  • Flexible “Seasonal” Payment Structures
  • Re-amortize one time in first 18 months
  • $1 Buyout (end of term)
  • No personal guarantee. Lease is collatarlized by equipment
  • Only $95 Processing Fee

Benefits of Leasing

  • Preserve working capital and lines of existing credit
  • Purchase options provide tax benefit advantages
  • Leasing typically offers lower payments vs. alternative financing
  • Ownership of asset is possible
  • Flexibility of Lease Type
  • Avoid Technological Obsolescence
  • Fixed Finance Rates