Land Owners: Earn Up To $3,000YR!

Share Clean Energy Coalition helps educate rural and Ag communities about alternative energy choices in solar land development.  Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of Local, micro-Distributed Solar (LDPV) Energy generation in rural communities by advocating for solar development and improved clean energy policy to preserve our most precious rural resource, California productive farmland.

Earn Up to $3,000 Per Year For Next 20 Years

The Share Clean Energy Coalition (SCEC), a non-profit association created by Nuance Energy Group, will pay you up to $3,000 per year for the next 20 years to lease a small area of your rural property to develop a 100kW solar farm.  Only about 1/2 – 3/4 of an acre is needed.  If you qualify and become a Solar Hero, Nuance Energy will donate up to $500 (in your name) to the Save a Family Farm program as part of the American Farmland Trust, so long as no productive California farmland is developed.  As an added bonus, you may even qualify for a Zero Down – Residential Solar System installed by AgWell Solar.

Click Here to Qualify


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