Operations and Maintenance

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Dont Let This Happen To Your Solar System.

AgWell Solar provides operations and maintenance (“O&M”) services.  As part of our service package, we can monitor the quality and performance of each solar system daily with preventative maintenance routines, suggested manufacturer warranty measures and scheduled solar array cleaning.  Our service personnel are highly trained for on-site safety and execute system performance standards as part of our service package.

Our O&M teams implement best practices to service even the most demanding solar projects.  As a result, the O&M team has the insight to prevent and repair any problem well before it could become a costly expense to our customers.

  • Efficient and constant delivery (minimal disruption) of solar power generated will maintain a system’s economic value with each kilowatt hour of energy production
  • Proper maintenance and system monitoring are critical elements to extend the life of the system and to ensure optimal performance and minimizing downtime