Osprey PowerPlatform® – Made in U.S.A.


An Affordable, Modular and Portable Ground-Based Solar System, Ideal for Powering Up Small Farms and Agriculture Pump and Irrigation Systems…Made in U.S.A.

We manufacture the Osprey PowerPlatform®, a proprietary, modular, portable and ground based solar array in Fresno, CA.  These solar power platform units  arrive (pre-assembled) to any job site, ready to power up in just a few minutes.  This efficient and economical approach to solar ground mount installations saves our customers a ton of money on overall installation costs.

The pre-engineered and self-ballasted Osprey PowerPlatform® is the ideal solar application for small farmers and agriculture growers with multiple pumps on the farm.  An Osprey PowerPlatform® is transportable and modular too.  Units can be re-located to any field as growers manage crops and water supply.  

The Osprey PowerPlatform®  is the industry’s only true plug-n-play solar array designed for agriculture use, capped landfills and brown fields, commercial and residential on grid and off grid energy needs.

Highly durable yet nimble too, Osprey PowerPlatform® units reduce installation time & onsite construction cost by 90% and come with a flexible, technology neutral design.  Units fit any size solar module, string inverters or micro-inverters.  Each unit is engineering to exceed 2013 California Building Code and is engineered and wind rated to 100mph.  Opsrey PowerPlatform® units connect to scale from one to hundreds for use in any open space.

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The Osprey PowerPlatform® Ground Based Solar System Removes Critical Barriers to:

  • Unpredictable project costs, surface obstacles & weather delays
  • High quality & durable with a galvanized G90-G115  (silver finish)
  • 2,100lbs per unit (2 UNITS SHOWN in PICTURE w/ 24 solar modules and inverter)
  • 25yr product warranty
  • Rapid deployment capability makes for quick and easy installation
  • No maintenance required
  • Install with local work force
  • Portability; self-ballasted solar system
  • Field power adjustable legs to 36″
  • Sets on uneven terrain to 10 degrees
  • Permits in 12 California counties
  • No prevailing wage (Davis Bacon Act) on Muni projects
  • On grid and off grid; remote use